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Self-Seduction & Dance Like a Deity

Learn how to twist, turn and stretch your body in the most sensual of manners, leaving you feeling refreshed and empowered at the same time. Whisky will incorporate her contemporary dance training with her exotic dance expertise to help you learn to express yourself like the sensual masters that you all are.


Each class Whisky leads you through ideas, themes or skills that can help you reach new movement heights. This is a holistic style approach to performance, for those go on a journey and look into movement, expression, choreography and performance differently. Students tune into their own body and play with the small subtleties of how their body moves, and how moving their body makes them feel sensual. 


In 'Dance Like a Deity', these trusted exercises (and more!) are incorporated into choreography inspired by gods, goddesses, witches, goblins and the elements!


Open to all genders & levels of experience, this class will contain some strengthening and stretching exercises that can be adapted to suit any level of participant.


This is an open level class suitable for students of all ages and experience levels. Click below to head to Whisky's calendar for the latest availability.


Burlesque Basics & Prop Play

Are you new to burlesque and want to have a smorgasbord class to try out some of the varying styles available to learn? Try a new style of movement, learn a little more about the history, or try your first ever striptease (don't worry, it's just some gloves!)

It's time for some Burlesque Basics!


Are you loving burlesque classes and are keen to take your tease to the next level?

Join the Alternative Showgirl to explore a range of reveals and teases!


Each class, Whisky will take you on a journey focusing solely on one new element of the classic burlesque striptease- Explore glove reveals, stocking peels, boa basics and more with these drop-in style classes. And don't worry, if you don't have the tools just yet, there's always an alternative... don't have a boa? A scarf will do! Don't have stockings? Throw on those cosy bed socks! Whisky is the queen of making anything and everything accessible, enjoyable and titillating ;)

Open to all genders & levels of experience. Students new to burlesque are very welcome.  Click below to head to Whisky's calendar for the latest availability.


Alternative & Blues Burlesque

Are you ready to take your burlesque to the next level?


In this intermediate/advanced workshop or choreographic course, international contemporary jazz dancer and burlesque icon Whisky, will prepare you for a soul searching dive into the world of slow, sensual seduction aided by either the blues music genre or the 'lyrical' movement & dance genres.

 In this workshop Whisky will cover the importance of breath (and its use in striptease) and how to combine classic bump and grind movements with lyrical movement.


Please note this often set as an intermediate to advanced level class, aimed at students already studying the fundamentals of burlesque, striptease and/or dance. As a choreographic course, this works perfectly as a pairing with the slower movement techniques ('Sacred Sexuality & Self-Seduction' or 'Dance Like a Deity') as the two classes cover a range of movement choices and approach to movement, both as a method of story-telling or to enhance your erotic dance.

Click below to head to Whisky's calendar for latest availability.


Musicality in Burlesque

'Musicality in Burlesque' is aimed at an Intermediate to Advanced level. This aims to look at the importance of understanding music and choreography as a whole, and how these tools can take your performance to the next level. The use of group tasks and games keep it fun for both amateurs and professionals.


Teaching at Bird College in London, one of the most prestigious dance colleges in Europe, means that these techniques are tried and tested, and proven successful! Don’t worry amateurs! The techniques used are the same, but the movements, choreography and music choices are catered to each workshop individually. With each workshop, Whisky can very quickly identify the overall level of the participants and cater to their needs, both as as an overall group and individually.

Click below to head to Whisky's calendar for latest availability.


Broadway Tap

Take a step back in time and tap your troubles away with Whisky Falls, in a tribute to Hollywood Legends such as Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.


In this choreographic workshop or technical course,  we’ll cover tap dance fundamentals & learn a routine with a theatrical flair!

This workshop is aimed at beginners, or those willing to take it slow and focus on the artistry you need to incorporate tap for a vintage setting.

It is also a great opportunity for anyone who hasn't tapped in some time to dust off those shoes and get back to tapping your troubles away!

Note: Bring tap shoes if you have them, otherwise a low heel or character shoes will work just fine (no runners or stilettos please).


Cabaret Jazz

Learning jazz techniques, fundamentals and style variations is always a safe bet when Whisky is your teacher! 

This course or workshop will help you really understand your body through Jazz technique; Learn how to incorporate 1930s cabaret inspirations into any version of burlesque, from go-go dancing to theatrical stage production!

Whisky will cover the fundamentals of jazz technique, with particular attention to both ‘Blues’ and ‘Fosse’ movements and inflexions. Also paying attention to particulars such as walking styles, isolations and 'poise and pose'.

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