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The Glam

A wee taste all the flavour profiles in the repertoire...

A Dram of Whisky

'The Alternative Showgirl'

Forget feathers and satin, and showgirls dripping in diamonds... Whisky is going to show you how the Scots do it! Whisky's signature act is a take on the classic champagne showgirl, but with a pour only a lassie could do!

Set to an unusual rendition of one of Scotland's most famous exports, by prepared to get a little wet with Whisky and Scotland's other most famous export!

Whisky Falls performing burlesque with her tartan cape
Whisky Falls performing burlesque with her tartan cape. Steampunk vibes
Whisky Falls dancing on a chair. Striptease artist backbending live

Hit Me 

A classic burlesque striptease set to an alluring rendition of 'Hit Me with A Hot Note' by Frances Ruffelle, featuring slow and seductive choreography, splits with a Whisky twist, and one very large red boa!

An exquisite example of striptease inspired by the legends; This act will bring you back to decadent evenings of years gone by, and will leave you feeling like you are firmly in the clutches of a true fiery temptress!

Whisky Falls striptease artist performing in red bra and gold skirt
Whisky Falls performing live in a gold ballgown dress and giant red organza boa
Whisky Falls striptease performance live in her gold ballgown dress. Performing a glove peel


Inspired by the character Diane from 'Trainspotting' Whisky's this raunchy act is definitely not for the faint hearted!


Bringing the energy of Diane's first moments on screen, Whisky asks "What's Diane like now that she's in her 30s?"

Combined with the iconic 'Take Me Out' by Scotland's Franz Ferdinand, this club-kid act is suitable for late-night parties, pop-up burlesque, club nights, and retro or film themed shows and events. 

Whisky Falls performing live in a sexy red and pink leopard print swimsuit dancing to tease the audience
Whisky Falls performing live in her red faux fur coat and retro red knee high boots
Whisky Falls performing live in her red and pink leopard print costume. Striptease dance live.

Deep Blue 2.0

As change approached Whisky's personal and artistic life in 2018, she felt compelled to revive her lyrical neo-burlesque act,

'Deep Blue'.

Initially inspired by the supposed wicked women of the past, Whisky is taking inspiration from the witches of the present and the future; Celebrating just as her ancestors did, Whisky is satured in the  'Beltane dew'; Thought to bring beauty, Whisky will bless the audience with her own dewy act, expressing the excitement rebirth can bring, full of self-love and gratifying beauty for all to see.

Whisky Falls live performance in deep blue costume
Whisky Falls performing live in nude lace corset striptease live
Whisky Falls striptease burlesque performance. Live glove peel in deep blue costume


Follow Whisky down the rabbit hole, as she embodies one of the most entrancing beauties that the world gives us- The fusion of two... The genetic mutation know as 'Chimera'.

Utilising striptease and contemporary dance movement, this fan dance with a Whisky twist will leave you speechless.

Whisky Falls backstage in chimera peacock costume made corset and bodysuit
Whisky Falls chimera peacock fan dance
Whisky Falls chimera peacock fan dance

The Royal Erotic Berry

Celebrating the music of The Artist formerly known as Prince, Whisky is paying homage to The Purple One, with just a few of her favourite Prince songs from the 90s.

Bringing together iconic music, fashion and pop culture inspired costuming (and of course some serious attitude) this will be the showstopper you've been waiting a decade to see!

Whisky_JaydenBWA 1.jpeg
Whisky_JaydenBWA 2.jpeg
Whisky_JaydenBWA 4.jpeg
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