Now it's time to pick the perfect Whisky for your flight


Performance Artist

Whisky Falls brings rich and dramatic tones to her onstage persona; Known as 'the wee dram of glam' Whisky has a repertoire that is as varied as her dance background. Like a good malt, Whisky will warm the cockles of your heart with her unique blend of fire and finesse. Her blend of dance techniques, dramatics and styling will keep audiences palates wanting more than just a wee dram!


Movement Director

Whisky has decades of experience in performance, but not just as a performer. Whisky has worked behind the scenes guiding and directing new and emerging artists, students and peers alike, in all things theatrical. Directing singers within choreography, directing drag artists in immersive cabaret, directing actors within art council funded projects, Whisky has done it all. 



For 5 years, Whisky worked as a full time Jazz and Tap dance teacher at a prestigious London musical theatre college. In that time, Whisky’s choreographic skills were put to the test, choreographing pieces for graduate shows with anything from 12 up to 45 performers! No project is too small or large. With years working as an ensemble and swing dancer, Whisky is also adept to assisting other directors on projects. Click below for more details.



With multiple teaching and training qualifications and experience, Whisky can teach one off workshops, short or semester long courses, or one-to-one skills classes. Currently a faculty member at Maison Burlesque in Melbourne, you can catch Whisky there throughout the year. Click below to find out more information on Whisky’s class repertoire, and links to current classes.  


Whisky’s love of nurture and growth brings a deeper level of guidance - Whisky the Mentor. Ongoing relationships with artists are important for skill development, act development and more. Click below to read reviews from some of the artists Whisky has been working with most recently...