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Lover to lover, from Whisky's heart to yours, this selection of love letters stand the test of time. Collect them, cherish them, or send them to another. Whisky's words will warm the cockles of your heart. Choose a lustful letter, a soulful serenade or the wild writings of a passion-fuelled woman, these love letters will be the most exciting mail you'll get in your box!    


A Love Letter From Whisky


A Personalised Love Letter to Someone Else!



Love Letters

SKU: 0003
PriceFrom $30.00
  • Handwritten by Whisky Falls. On Whisky Falls stationary. One page, A5. Cursive writ. Non cursive available on request. Postage not included. Amendments may be made, however are subject to order status. Delivery times may vary and will depend on delivery service. 

    $10 surcharge for personalised tease. 

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